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shylittlesoul's Journal

shylittlesoul - journey of discovery
18 April
I have newly discovered my submissive soul [thanks to mymstrslave for the phrase] and am feeling at once relieved, elated, lost, confused and so, so tired.

I am married and, holding tightly to the hand of my love, I shall not travel any further down this path of discovery than He is willing to go. ... and so.... I wait.

I learn that the journey is long and difficult... and that the journey IS the reward, not the destination.

I am leaving my original bio in place, so I can remember who I was so long ago when I started writing. The journey thus far has indeed been long and difficult, yet the rewards are appearing every day. I have discovered that I have more inner strength than I knew I had. I have learned that my husband's love goes very far. I have learned that he has a near infinite amount of patience with my emotional storms.

He & I have done a lot of growing up in the last few years. Perhaps it is the moving into the next decade which has colored life with new meaning? Hard to tell.

I still hold tightly to the hand of m'love, and together we discover the path before us, wherever it may lead.


for posterity, our furkids:
oldest - 1996, 18 months
middle - 1996, 2 months
baby - 2001, 6 weeks